MetaWire Overview

Official Whitepaper Of MetaWire

The first Web3 Torrent that leverage Peer-To-Peer protocol that enables user to gain rewards through seeding and downloading music and movies.

MetaWire rewards holders by seeding and downloading movies/musics in MetaWire WEB3 Torrent Platform. Peer to Peer industry is worth USD 1.89 trillion in 2021. By just penetrating 1% of its market share MetaWire stand to be worth USD 9 billion. With our lucrative rewards to seeders, we forecast that thousands of seeders will move to MetaWire platform.

  • MetaWire NFT Collection - Own music and movies by owning MetaWire NFT and gain rewards for every downloads

  • Future Autostaking reward - Seeders and Downloaders will be required to hold certain amount of MetaWire to access different tier of movies/music

  • MetaWire metaverse - Future more immersive P2P platform which will integrate more functions


MetaWire provides a decentralized financial asset which rewards users for Peer-to-peer (Seeders and Downloaders alike). By far is the most sustainable "XXX" to earn project with great revenue model that already has great supply and demand.

The incentive to seed will bring large influx of seeders from various torrent platform such as BitTorrent and many more. And in the beginning incentive to download will be given in order to attract more users into MetaWire Web3 Torrent Platform and by stages users will need to own certain amount of MetaWire Token to raise their membership tier to download certain movies and music.

Unlike other "X" to earn project for example Watch To Earn and Walk to Earn in which there is no actual incentive for organizations to reward its user to Watch movie or Walk. Eventually the firm will ran out of token to reward existing and new users in which will lead to an inevitable collapse.

MetaWire NFT collection will be based on movies and music in which the owner of NFT will hold ownership of the file in which every downloads the owner will receive royalty thus creating an actual demand and supply over MetaWire NFT ownership.

MetaWire is a company focused on DeFi innovation that creates benefits and value for MetaWire token holders

The MetaWire development team has coordinated all of these elements together so that the project will be sustainable with tremendous growth potential and most importantly sustainable for many years to come.

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