Tier System

Users will be classified in different tiers based on how many $MWIRE Token the user has.

For example :-

Tier 1 - 10,000 $MWIRE Tokens

Tier 2 - 50,000 $MWIRE Tokens

Tier 3 - 100,000 $MWIRE Tokens

Tier 4 - 300,000 $MWIRE Tokens

Tier 5 - 1,000,000 $MWIRE Tokens

What is the benefit of having higher Tier?

Different Tiers will have different access to seeding and downloading music/movies

Users will be able to seed or download hotter music and movies with higher tiers this will ensure a demand to hold $MWIRE Tokens without selling them even when the price goes higher and therefore benefit early buyers as $MWIRE Tokens are still at very low price upon listing as the price will only get higher as more seeders and downloaders migrate from other torrent platforms.

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